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Affordable Explainer Videos

An affordable explainer video is a brief, appealing advertising video which highlights the solutions and services of an organization or clarifies the vital qualities of a product.

For the longest time, explainer videos and animated videos were expensive to produce and time-consuming. But with Ronin Video, we can give you a professional promotional video in just a few hours!

We have access to thousands of stock videos which we can use to quickly put together an explainer video for you or a simple promotional video. For the majority of businesses, these basic videos fulfill the need of engaging views, providing information, and relaying the personality fo a company or brand.

Firms from B2B and B2C segment both are utilizing animated explainer videos to assist them with their advertising and marketing. While animated video explainers may be cartoony, they aren’t child’s play. Most of us have seen these videos as a viewer somewhere or another, and -let’s be honest- we all love them!

How it Works

  1. By visiting our website, you’ve already nailed the first step! Congratulations! You’re already 20% of the way there!
  2. Check out our videos. You can see from dozens of examples -and we have hundreds more that we can use!
  3. Look at our affordable explainer video pricing!
  4. Select the package that is right for you or contact us.
  5. Boom! In a few hours, you’ll have an amazing explainer video to call your own!

It’s that easy!

We Make Videos Easy!


You can get an affordable explainer or animated video for just $29! Why pay thousands of dollars hiring a videographer or an animator when we can assemble something comparable for only a few dollars?



We can provide you with a professional explainer video in just a few hours! Because of our vast library of stock videos, we can quickly assemble an animated or promotional video complete with your message and logo!


Our royalty-free stock video library is filled with professionally shot, high-quality video. In fact, many of the videos we have access to have been used on TV for big brand commercials! You can trust the quality that Ronin Video provides!

Curious about our work?

Check out our samples to see some of the explainer videos we can do for you!

5 Reasons You Need An Explainer Video!

  1. Explainer videos helps your brand and business standout in the marketplace
  2. Explainer videos capture the attention of your viewers and website visitors
  3. Explainer videos can help you deliver a complex message, easily
  4. Explainer videos have been shown to instantly boosts sales and conversion rates
  5. Explainer videos can increase understanding of a business by over 70%!

When we say affordable, we mean it!




Basic stock-videos

Royalty-free music

Up to 75-word script

Your contact info listed






Basic stock-videos

Royalty-free music

Up to 150-word script

Your contact info listed

Your logo inserted

Royalty-free images




Premium stock-videos

Royalty-free music

Up to 200-word script

Your contact info listed

Your logo inserted

Royalty-free images


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All of these explainer and animated videos were creates by using stock-videos.

As a result, we were able to write and produce them in a matter of hours! You can have a video like the ones you see below in just a few hours too! (Okay, maybe a day or so. We do have to sleep sometimes!)

Still not convinced? Check out our extensive gallery of videos. In it, you’ll see some of the best explainer videos and animated videos you can use for your business!

Why Animated Explainer Videos?

Increase Conversions

Explainer videos are great for increasing website conversion rates. Whether you want to get people to “buy now” or you want them to call or visit your site, videos do an incredible job inspiring people to take the action you want!

Explain Your Services

One of the hardest thing for businesses to do is to explain their services to people. With explainer videos, you can easily walk people through the features and benefits of your products or services. The best thing is, people have fun doing it!

Go Viral

An excellent explainer video works wonders on social media. Sometimes, these videos go viral attracting thousands of views and shares. That’s one of the great things about a great promotional video: they can be used for sales and advertising!

Better ROI

Dollar for dollar, explainer videos provide an excellent return on investment in many cases for small businesses. They can be used again and again, and they help drive sales and leads. There aren’t many other marketing tactics that can do that!

People Love Them

There are no two ways about it: people love explainer videos. Whether they are animated or full-video, explainer videos are entertaining, educational, informative, and just plain fun! It’s no wonder it is one of the fastest growing marketing niches!

Better SEO

Promotional videos are great for SEO because people share and link to them. Sharing and linking increase the backlinks coming to your website and that helps your SEO rankings! Also, the longer people spend on your site looking at videos, the better for your SEO!


What is your process?
We will provide you with a couple of examples of what we are thinking for your video. These will be much shorter than your purchase video, but it will give you an idea of what we are thinking in terms of images and music. There is room for some revisions, but -remember- we are working from a library of stock videos. We use what is at our disposal -which is a lot!
Does your consultation for my video take time?
Nope! We need to know a few things before we can start getting started on your video. In particular, we just need to see if you’re going to be using the video for a general promotional reason or something specific.
I don't have a logo. Do I need one?
It always helps improve the impact of a video by having a logo, but you don’t need one. We want to ensure there’s information on the video regarding how you want people to contact you: phone, email, address or website.
How long does it take to plan, create, and write a professional explainer video?

Once we have an understanding of your business, it doesn’t take us long to put something together similar to the examples from our gallery. Often, we can have a video ready for a client same-day, or within a couple of days. For custom, orders, it may take longer because of the time it takes to source commercial stock videos.

Can I provide you with my own audio file?
Yes, you can! If you supply us with music, please ensure that you have the rights to use it. If you provide us with a narration track, please note that we cannot guarantee it will synch up precisely to the videos. Please speak to us beforehand, so we understand your needs better!
Do you offer refunds?
There are no refunds once an order is placed. We strive for customer satisfaction, but the nature of what we do precludes us from offering rebates of any kind.
Are my videos 100% unique?
Yes and no. The videos we use are stock videos. Our library includes thousands of which other customers may want to use similar if not the same shots or sequences. Our thoughts on this are simple: if you’re going to have 100% unique video, you should be prepared to spend thousands of dollars. Our goal is to provide professional videos for less.
Can you help upload the video to our website?
Absolutely! We can provide you with a quote for website updates once your project is completed or we can refer you to a web development partner to assist.
Can I review your library of stock-videos myself?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a means for customers to review our stock-video library. But you can check out our gallery of amazing explainer videos to get an idea of what we can do for you.


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